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Trip Advisor New Forest Lodge profile
The New Forest Lodge
Horse riding in Algarve and Carriage driving! Country Cooking School in Portugal.

Welcome to The New Forest Lodge!

Welcome to our farm, the New Forest Lodge.
Together with our small herd of locally bred horses and ponies we invite you to join us for unforgettable Horse riding or Carriage driving adventure.

 Day  & Hourly rides                                                  Horse Riding& Carriage holidays      

Carriage driving School                                        Farm activity Holidays

Country Cooking  Workshops                          Cooking School Holidays  


It is possible to combine a horse riding or carriage driving holidays with other activities such as country cooking workshops or wildlife safaris.

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Seasonal Receips

Forthcomming Events at the Country Cooking School.

Our program of forthcoming  events and workshops is by necessity very flexible. We are governed by seasonal availability, the luck of the hunter and most importantly by the preferences of our guests. If you...
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